Vital statistics
Status Alive
Age 57
Homeworld Ryloth
Affiliation New Republic
Position Chief of State
Race Twi'lek
Physical attributes
Height 5'10"
Weight 167 lbs
Eye Color Evergreen
Hair Color N/A
Skin Color Golden-Yellow
OOC Knowledge
Played by Spacebum

Xaar'Emir, also known as Xaar, was a Twi'lek politician from the world of Ryloth. On leaving his homeworld, Xaar served first in the Galactic Senate, and then in the Imperial Senate, under the close supervision of his Twi'lek elders and Imperial Governors alike. His commitment to the representation of the people saw his employment continue with the rising New Republic, where he was finally elected to Chief of State in 18ABY.

With a reputation for decisive action and cunning wit, Xaar was instrumental in securing the resources held by the New Republic. In 20ABY, he officially opened the New Galactic Senate with a promise of peace and close relations with the Galactic Empire, in exchange for the signing of the Pallato Accord.

He is the adoptive father of Kaylak'Emir

I get the feelin' he's the kinda man who could manipulate the whole galaxy ta' his whim if he wanted ta'.

–Rorrkoru, Jedi Knight


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