Timeline of Galactic History Edit

  • 25,783 BBY - The Jedi Order established.
  • 25,053 BBY - Galactic Republic established.
  • 6,900 BBY - The Sith Order established.
  • 3,644 BBY - The Black Sun emerges during civil disruption on Coruscant.
  • 22 BBY - Under Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, the Galactic Republic issues the Military Creation Act, leading to a mass build up of arms and equipment.
  • 19 BBY - The Galactic Republic is dissolved, its vast resources and military hardware passing to the newly formed Galactic Empire.
  • 19 BBY - The Jedi Order is purged, survivors are hunted down and destroyed
  • 2 BBY - Disillusioned Senators conspire against the Galactic Empire, forming the Alliance To Restore The Republic.
  • 0 BBY - The Imperial Senate is dissolved.
  • 0 BBY - The Galactic Empire unveils its super weapon, the Death Star.
  • 0 BBY - Alderaan is destroyed.
  • 0 BBY - The Death Star is destroyed.
  • 4 ABY - Emperor Palpatine dies at the hand of his apprentice during the Battle of Endor, where the Galactic Empire suffers catastrophic losses.
  • 4 ABY - Mass uprisings against the Galactic Empire lead to several worlds, including Coruscant, declaring their freedom.
  • 4 ABY - The Alliance To Restore The Republic dissolves, forming The New Republic.
  • 6 ABY - First cases of Ewok birth mutations are reported. Radioactive debris is blamed.
  • 8 ABY - The New Republic consolidates its position, gaining the support of several systems.
  • 9 ABY - Widespread famine drastically reduces the Gungan population on Naboo.
  • 11 ABY - The Jedi Order is re-established.
  • 13 ABY - Political upheaval in the New Republic leads to several former Rebel Alliance members exiled.
  • 15 ABY - Ryloth declares independence from the galaxy. Many suspect corruption.
  • 18 ABY - Minister Xaar'Emir is elected as Chief of State of the New Republic.
  • 18 ABY - The Black Sun is revealed to be behind Ryloth's move to independence, led by the ruthless sentient known only as Drakon.
  • 19 ABY - Jedi Grand Master Zildane Dronos disappears during an investigation on Ryloth and is replaced by a Hapan known only as Alice.
  • 19 ABY - Baron-in-Exile Markus Dominius takes the throne as Emperor of the Galactic Empire.
  • 20 ABY - The New Galactic Senate is opened, replacing the disused Imperial Senate building on Coruscant.
  • 20 ABY - With the opening of the New Galactic Senate, Xaar'Emir and Markus Dominius announce the Pallato Accord, declaring a cessation of hostilities between the galactic governments.
  • 20 ABY - After a drug-induced emotional breakdown, Grand Master Alice of the Jedi order commits suicide and is replaced by Dasyr Qu'iren.
  • 20 ABY - The New Republic blockades Ryloth and Republic troops capture the Kala'uun Spaceport. Citizens of Ryloth begin to rebel against the Black Sun.
  • 21 ABY - A sentient by the name of "Acter" takes control of the Black Sun with a stated desire to reform the organization and its involvement in Ryl politics.
  • 21 ABY - The New Republic withdraws its forces from the Ryloth system.
  • 21 ABY - Imperial troops withdraw from Ryloth.
  • 21 ABY - The Black Sun sets up a human female, Cenno, as the leader and public face of the independent planet Ryloth.

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