Jove Pax
Just A Soldier
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Age 34
Homeworld Kuat
Affiliation New Republic
Position Sergeant
Race Human
Physical attributes
Height 6'2"
Weight 182 lbs
Eye Color Royal Blue
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Tanned
OOC Knowledge
Played by Spacebum

Jove Pax was a Human soldier from the world of Kuat that served with the New Republic Army. Born on the fringes of aristocratic society, Jove was raised and educated by a pair of Kuati intellectuals living in the shadow of Imperial occupation. Eager to learn and excited to see the galaxy, Jove was sent to Bjoklinn to work with a former colleague of his father's, one Doctor Bnokkt. Here he studied long and hard under the Doctor, working in a variety of roles from lab assistant to administrative clerk. While this work benefitted him (and many others), it was increasingly clear the young man was destined for much more.

With the news that the New Republic had successfully established itself in the galaxy following the Galactic Civil War, Jove Pax was finally released from his placement and enrolled into the Academy. Here, a reputation for hard work and honest labour saw him sail through his studies, the level of his qualification earning him employment with the Coruscant Security Service for several months before he finally applied for a position in the New Republic Army.

Jove currently serves as Sergeant in the Wampa Assault Company.

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