Drakon the Devourer. Edit

Drakon Nicholai Wolfmoon
Werewolf HD
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Age 29
Homeworld Uvena Prime
Affiliation N/A
Position Unknown
Race Shistavanen
Physical attributes
Height 11'9
Weight 295
Eye Color Blood Red
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Black
OOC Knowledge
Played by Archeon

Drakon was a male shistavanen assassin master from Uvena Prime. Having been the first born of a litter of twelve, he slaughtered all of his siblings except for his first born sister. He learned from a young age, that his parents were nothing much but beligerent dogs, barely having the capacity to speak basic, and lacking the co-ordination to even walk upon two-legs. Being born in a remote village, he always dreamed as he began hunting down the local wild-life. The dreams of traveling into the greater galaxy, of hunting more worthy adversaries, beings of power. So, upon coming of the age of eighteen he noticed a rather large freighter fly above his village; he sprinted from his village to a rather remote spaceport, that only existed for limited trade to the greater galaxy. Having exhausted himself from running on all fours to make it in time, he managed to sneak aboard the freighter he spotted before, and climbed into a storage pod full of Ryll. Having never encountered this substance before, drakon ate a few pieces of the refined ryll, and fell asleep buried beneath the massive amount the freighter carried. He awoke in anger, not from the small little figures seemingly yelling at him, nor the electric sticks they poked him with.But from the spice, a rage he had never felt before and he begin ripping the cloaked brown figures to pieces, bursting out of the pod as he proceeded to slaughter the entirety of the crew in his drug induced rage. Having noticed his mistake, of not keeping one alive to pilot the ship.. Drakon began to dispair as he gazed through the viewport of the freighter as the stars were gone, he could see nothing but streaks of light... Days seemed to have past as he curled up in the captains chair, to try and hold out as long as he could.... He awoke to a large banging as he gazed out the viewport, some kind of device was holding his ship in place, and then began dragging it down to a rather desert world.

Becoming a trained assassin Edit